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Solenoid Valve               UNIVER Valves                Cylinder             TAIYO              Oil cylinder                 SHIMADZU                Gear Pump              KYB               SIRAI                Coil
    Pump                   Plunger Pump                Speed Regulator                  throttle valve                      Defoaming Machine                       Control Valve                     Check Valve

ARON                 Motor                   Magnet Switch                  ADDA                          Butter Machine                          Pressure Regulating Valve                            DEKA
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Professional sales world original pneumatic, hydraulic components
Quality leads to future
We promise to sell The original product
Warranty for non-man-made damage for 1 year
Large inventory and Quick delivery
High quality products
Good service
Timely supply
Meet customer needs Achieve customer goals
Technical and sales staff working hours at any time for you
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The company has strong professional, strong technical force and rich engineering experience. The products are widely used in aerospace, marine engineering, industrial lubrication, wind power generation, state grid, mining machinery, metallurgy, construction machinery, petrochemical, textile, plastic machinery and other fields.

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